I'm teaching a yoga class & need my own music. I'm not very "techie" so if I download these songs to my I Phone what else do I have to do so I can plug the phone into the sound system @ the gym. Kind of embarrassed I even have to ask...

relaxdaily responded on 09/07/2015

If I were you and would bring my own music, I'd probably also bring my own sound system with me. E.g. the very small, light and wireless "Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II". This way there are no cables, you always have your device with you that you know, wherever you do your yoga classes. Just have to make sure it's recharged at home before you go.

An alternative is to link your iPhone with the place's sound system via a cable, which often is such one: or such one:
Really depends on the sound system. I think you can also ask the people at the gym for advice how to plug in your iPhone and how to operate the sound system. Good luck :)

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