I seriously Love your music! You are sooooo amazing! just wondering about how long does it usually take for you to create a song?

relaxdaily responded on 12/16/2014

Oh, I could put a number on it. 20 hours. That's about the average "production" time. I'm not the fastest. But that number is also just half of the truth. It's about 20 hours (usually during 3-4 days) from the point I'm "working" on a "good" idea. I collect/record ideas all the time and don't really count how long it takes me to come up with something worthy for your ears ;) ...My sweet spot of musical "output" is about one piece of finished music every two weeks. Leaves a bit time to regenerate after a music production week (I have other interests too) while it keeps you in a healthy rhythm (the more you create the better you usually become). Hope this solves your question somehow? Thank you for listening!!

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