Hello Michael,

I would like to say 'thank you' for your wonderful music. I first came across your music videos on YouTube, and I must say I am really lucky to find your music. Your music is really amazing. I never get tired playing the video over and over again! I am enjoying listening to every uploads you have on YouTube and I will definitely continue doing so.

And I really like your video descriptions. And the video. And the music. Well, everything ;)

Thank you for your effort on your own! Just read that comment somewhere down there. It must be tough but, please take your time. You can always ask for help from the fans, maybe. Though I am not sure how I can help, haha. ;)

Greetings from Singapore. Thank you so much and we all look forward to your music! :)

relaxdaily responded on 04/22/2014

Thank you for your kind and motivating words, Shi Min!

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