Hi Michael :)
your music is so great and I enjoy it to the fullest ; thank u !
my question is why did you split from the aspiring pop music prod to this new direction ; what really made you open this particular door? did you know someone in the field who inspired you or is it rather personal or what? I'd really like to know what made you change your mind and choose the more difficult path!
have a nice day :)

relaxdaily responded on 01/22/2014

Jezia, rather smooth music always has been important to me.
One reason why I started relaxdaily (and since then focus my energy on it) is that I always wanted to create a really cool "smooth music" album (Well, this will stay a motivation for some long time, since I feel it will take many attempts until I get that right). Then, I met some cool people in LA in 2011: I found a missing part in my recipe for life: "Do what you are passionate about". I would even add: "as much as possible".

The relaxdaily project allows me to be my own man. I can do what I want, whenever I want (more or less). No politics, no compromises, no (real) deadlines. Just me, my vision, my project, and you, the audience I love, and the second half of the equation. That's how I personally like it. I'm passionate about a specific kind of music. This project let's me explore that as an artist. I don't see it as a difficult path. Rather as an exciting one ;)

Thank you for listening!

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