Hi Micheal, greetings from Toronto, I heard about your music when my Pharmacology teacher played it in class while having break. I fell in-love with it that I have to asked the website before I left. I love and play your music every everyday. Can you recommend a specific brain booster music among your playlist for me to listen when studying?? So grateful with your amazing music and your talent. God Bless You!!!!!

relaxdaily responded on 12/15/2013

Hi Rolyne, thank you for kind feedback! Haha, no, I can't really recommend you a specific "brain booster" playlist. All relaxdaily music is pretty smooth and made with the idea to rather enhance creativity and spirit than to distract while being played in the background. So the different mixes/playlists are rather a choice of taste. I'll think though about a "focus/concentration" specific playlist for the future. Greetings to your Pharmacology teacher ;) Cheers!

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