How and where do you get this type of music, and feelings in the music from? What are you feeling and are going through when you compose them?

relaxdaily responded on 10/14/2013

That's a good question, Tanya.
How and where: I simply record most ideas that come to my mind in my apartment's recording room. I spend some time with the better ones until something emerges that I feel OK with to being shared. I mostly feel good, and there's a feeling of giving away a piece of myself with the creation process, some sort of energy, can't describe it better for now. There are some nuances to it, but basically I try to put in a good amount of positivity and love into my music. With some calmer tracks there's less intensity of emotion. With these it's more about filling a room with a soundscape that feels good, but in a clam and pure way. ...but I'm still working on my style.

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