I recently became a indoor cycling instructor and i have to create play list for my class. do you create music besides relaxing music? BTW, I fascinated by your music. today i had a really long hard day, emotionally and physically and came to visit your page to rewind...keep creating. peace and Love.

relaxdaily responded on 07/29/2013

Hi Maura, so you're asking for rather motivating than relaxing music? Well, at least for now, creatively I pretty much focus on that calm (but positive) kind of instrumental music. It might be used by your cyclists for mental training maybe. I might experiment with different kinds of energy levels in my upcoming relaxdaily tunes. But you probably won't hear a piece of music that's designed to release an adrenaline rush in a listener from me in the near future. ...simply because I'm rather an easy-going person ;)

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